ARCHERY EITHER SEX OTC/ Either sex tags unit 79 and 80 1st  rifle hunt / Non-resident cow tags only $250.00

Grandview Cabins is located at the edge of the Rio Grande National forest at 8200 feet with over 2 million acres of public lans to hunt and fish. Grandview has 12 fully stocked kitchette cabins with two full beds (some queens), color cable TV, showers, laundry facilities and hot tub. The two two-bedroom cabins sleep 6-8 people and one great room that sleeps up to ten.

We have a walk-in-cooler areas to hang your elk or deer and outdoor pits for evening campfires. Grandview gives you all the sensations of being out in the middle of the woods, but with all the comforts of home. Elk and deer are abundant in and around these mountains, with good vehicle access. Wilderness areas are restricted from vehicle use, however however have many trails. Grandview is located just minutes from three areas, 79, 80 and 76. Area 76 and unit 79 are Draw Units. (Area 76 is a draw unit with a very high rate of success, in addition the first rifle season is a draw statewide for elk). You must apply before April deadline for application. Call 303-297-1192 (No Deer Tags available for First Rifle season).

If you miss the deadline you still have the opportunity to come elk hunting in Unit 80 just minutes away. Over the counter Bull Tags may be purchassed when you arrive for the Second, Third and Fourth Rifle Hunt seasons.   If you want a Cow Tab it must be applied for prior to April 2nd. We are centrally located to Units 68, 78, 79, 80 and 81. All have good success rates - Pictured here is Kobi Thomas with his first ever buck. He also took his first Cow Elk. Way to go Kobi!

We are not and outfitter or licensed guide service. Maps will be available to asssist you finding the best hunting grounds.

Paul Hoffmann - From Sussex, WI

2nd Rifle Season

Unguided and 1st time on Elk Hunt

Elk hunting is certainly not easy, but with persistence and good hunting skills you can be successful just as Paul was pictured with his 6x6 Public Land elk.

If you prefer a fully guided or Drop Camp Hunt or wish to have your game packed out, we will put you in touch with Licensed Guides for out area. Day guides are generally available for $200 to $300 a day depending on the services you choose. All the areas mentioned support excellent elk and deer herds. Hunting success varies from year to year. Here at Grandview, it is about 25-30% higher than the state average of 17%. However, if the weather gets warm, it can make it very difficult. Successful Elk hunting crtainly depens on the hunter and his or her ability to be persistent, have good hunting skills and be in good physical condition, because elk can be very challenging but certainly rewarding. Depending on the season you chosse and the weather, you will be driving anywhere from 15-30 minutes from the cabins where there are a number of Forest Service roads, most of which are well marked. From these roads you will likely need to walk into further into the area.

(Dave Archery Elk 20 minutes away)                    

The terrain here is mountainous, but many areas may be reached with moderate effort. orses are available at $450 a horse plus feed for the entire season you hunt. Horse trailers are $25 a day. Horses and tack must be reserved in advance. Mot places allow you to get your game out with a 4-Wheeler, which are permitted on any designated trail in the National Forest. The charge for packing game out varies from $350 to $350, but in 14 years we have never had to hire a game packer. The Muzzle Loading (Must apply) and ARchery 9O-T-C) is great here, you can purchase either sex tags when you arrive. If you do either you better set some vacation time aside.   

Colorado has four general rifle seasons. The First Season is five days draw only of Elk, the Second Season is nine days combined Elk and Deer. The Third Season is combined Elk and Deer lasting 9 days. Bull Elk are over the counter for Unit 80 during the Second, Third and Fourth seasons. BULLS ONLY NEED A FIVE INCH BROW TINE or FOUR POINTS on one side. The Fourth Season is five days long if you don't want to work as hard for game or just enjoy hunting later. Consider hunting the Third or Fourth season when the elk start to migrate and the deer come down lower, but you should also be prepared for snow. All Deer and First Rifle, either sex elk and rifle cow elk must be applied for prior to the deadline of April. Colorado also has a Cow hunt for the entire month of December that is Draw only. You can get more information at

We can provide you Topo Maps of our area   

      These guys look like some happy hunters all stationed in the Air Force out of Colorado Springs.


               2006   -  Bull Elk Tags $ 490.00  Cow Elk Tags $250

           Deer Tags  $250.00  You may have two elk tags. 


                     Steve (archery)                                             Steve, Todd and Rhonda -1st rifle2003 



The closest airport is Alamosa or Durango your best bet is to fly into Denver, Colorado Springs or Albuquerque and rent a SUB. We are about four and a half hours drive from each. If you need help or have any questions feel free to Call or email at